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Douglas B. Chadwick’s work in panoramic photography has established him as one of the state’s premier photographers, and he is well known for his longtime association with Goldenseal magazine. Doug uses a giant 1920’s model panoramic camera – a highly crafted, rotating apparatus that is balanced upon tall tripods and houses several feet of ten-inch high film. After a painstaking period of trial and error, he came to master the complicated techniques of the Cirkut Panoramic Camera. Chadwick’s photos have been featured in a number of national periodicals and on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”   


A native of North Carolina, Doug received his education in Oregon, Washington State, and Rome, Italy.  He moved to West Virginia in 1970 and began working as a photographer for The Fayette Tribune and The Raleigh Register.  He makes his home overlooking the Greenbrier River near Hillsboro, West Virginia.


In 1979, Chadwick co-produced the film documentary “True Facts in a Country Song.”  The story of West Virginia musician, Everett Lilly, and his legendary band, The Lilly Brothers, was aired on West Virginia Public Television.


Doug Chadwick and B.J. Gudmundsson joined together in 1998 to produce a documentary on The Galford Lumber Company and the timber salvage effort following the New England Hurricane of 1938.  They soon began work on documenting the story of America’s last hand-set newspaper, The Pocahontas Times, which focused on the life of the paper’s sage editor, Calvin W. Price.  Chadwick’s photography was incorporated into these films and he served as videographer on both projects.  He and Gudmundsson are currently planning a documentary on the former coal town, Duo, West Virginia.


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Film Credits


1979 – True Facts in a Country Song


2001 – Out of the Storm

Best Event Documentary 2002 West Virginia Filmmakers Film Festival


2002 – An Evening with Cal Price


2004 – 30 Cal Price and The Pocahontas Times

Best Feature Documentary 2005 West Virginia Filmmakers Film Festival


2006 – Look What They’ve Done